Dog Harness Guide

Close-Up Shot of a West Siberian Laika

Did someone say walkies? Nothing beats exploring the great outdoors with your dog by your side! But unless your dog is an off-lead champion, you’ll need to decide what harness to use before you can embark on any adventures. Harnesses are almost always a better choice than collars, but with so many options, it can […]

Moving Home with a Cat

White and Orange Cat in Brown Cardboard Box

Let’s face it, moving house is never all that fun – particularly if you’re a creature of habit. Cats aren’t exactly known for their flexibility, so if you’re planning a move with your feline in tow, there are some simple, proactive steps you can take to make the ordeal as stress-free and comfortable as possible.  […]

Dog Friendly Shopping Centres in the UK

Gunwharf Quays

It’s great having dog-friendly shops, but often some are restricted by being in a shopping centre that isn’t dog-friendly (and only allows guide and assistance dogs). Luckily, there is a small but growing number of shopping centres in the UK that are dog-friendly, and here’s hoping that the number of them continues to grow. Let’s […]

Dog Friendly West Sussex

Worthing Seafront

West Sussex is a beautiful county in England with a variety of dog-friendly attractions, parks, and places to visit. From the rolling hills and picturesque villages to fun seaside towns like Worthing, West Sussex is not only charming but a great county to explore and enjoy with dogs. Dog-Friendly West Sussex Must-Sees National Trust Estates […]

Should I Hire a Pet Sitter?

White Orange and Gray Tabby Cat Lying on Grey Duvet

Planning a getaway? If you’re one of the 57% of UK households with a pet, you’ll need to consider who will take care of your furry friend while you’re gone. Whether you hire a pet sitter or check your pet into a pet boarding house, there are a few things to consider to ensure your […]

Moving House with Your Dog

A Happy Couple Dancing With Their Dog in a room they are decorating

Moving house can be stressful at the best of times. Whether you’re heading across the country or just around the corner, there’s a lot to consider, and always more to pack than you initially thought! Adding a dog into the mix can be a complicating factor, but with some careful planning, you can ensure the […]

Dog Friendly Swansea

Three Cliffs Bay, The Gower Peninsular, Wales

Nestled on the beautiful coast of South Wales, Swansea is a warm and welcoming place for everyone, including our furry friends. What makes Swansea extra special for dog lovers is that it’s a city that loves dogs just as much as you do. You’ll find plenty of parks, beaches, and friendly cafes where you and […]

Best Dog Friendly Beaches in the UK

Porth Joke beach with dogs

Is there anything more joyful than a day at the beach with your dog? It’s where memories are made, zoomies are expended, and good times had by all. Whether it’s a day trip or an extended holiday, bringing your dog along to the beach means the whole family can join in the fun, and it […]

Caring for Your Dog in Cold Weather

White and Black Siberian Husky Puppy on Snow Covered Ground

Just as we humans start to change our behaviour as the nights draw in and summer fades into winter, so we need to remember the way that we look after our dogs needs to change as well. Adverse weather can impact them to a considerable extent and while they still need to be exercised, we […]

Dog Friendly Birmingham

Aerial Bull Ring Birmingham

As Britain’s second-largest city, Birmingham is known for its role as a social, cultural, financial, and industrial hub. Birmingham offers various dog-friendly options. Explore the city with your canine companion – taking in sights, sounds and smells from our recommended eateries, drinking establishments and things to do, alongside some enjoyable walks. Dog Friendly Birmingham Must […]