Dog Friendly UK Coffee Shop and Café Chains

dog sitting outside of coffee shop

With dog ownership on the rise in the UK, Brits are increasingly demanding dog-friendly options when it comes to dining and entertainment venues. Dog-lovers no longer want to have to choose between a day out and quality time with their loyal companion! The great news is that businesses are increasingly responding to these calls for […]

Dog Friendly UK Pubs

cockapoo dog in a pub

It’s no secret that the UK is a nation of beer-loving pubgoers, but if there’s one thing we love more than our pints, it’s our pets! Dog ownership is booming in the UK, and this growth is fuelling a growing trend for hospitality venues to embrace dog-friendly policies. Dog-friendly pubs create an environment with mutual […]

Dog Friendly UK Restaurants

poodle dog sitting in restaurant

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly restaurant that will cater to both you and your pup, you’re in luck. While it’s traditionally been challenging to find restaurants that allow pets to dine-in, dog-friendly dining is a trend that’s quickly gaining traction in the UK – so your options are expanding every day! Dog-lovers have spoken, […]

How to Book Cheap Dog Friendly Holidays: Tips and Tricks

Dog Walks at Lakeland haven caravan park

Without wanting to start proceedings on too much of a gloomy note, the cost of living in the UK is seemingly spiralling out of control and without much sign of respite on the horizon, it would appear that scrimping and saving is about to become a national pastime. Ironically, of course, the idea of booking […]

Dog-Friendly Caravan & Holiday Parks in the UK

California Cliffs holiday park

Well, why wouldn’t you want to take your best friend on holiday with you? As time has gone on there has been a growing demand for pet-friendly holiday accommodation options, and in this guide we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about one of the leisure industry’s true growth areas of recent years.  […]

Famous Dogs

menswear dog

From stars of stage and screen to historical heroes, our culture is littered with famous dogs. Our four-legged friends are capable of reaching huge levels of celebrity for their acting and performing abilities, bravery and loyalty, and in a world in which online celebrity has become a form of fame in its own right, dogs […]

How To Choose A Dog Friendly Cottage For Your Holiday

Pictou Cottage Self Catering Holiday Cottage

A cottage-based holiday may be the ideal choice for a pet-friendly getaway in the UK: many of them are set in picturesque areas ideal for doggy days out, while an overall lack of staff or supervision allows guests to set their own schedule and make their cottage a home away from home. That said, there […]

Dog Friendly Bath

Iron footbridge Sydney Gardens Bath

A small, pretty and endlessly photogenic city to the west of the Cotswolds, surrounded on all sides by glorious Somerset countryside, Bath has been one of the most popular locations for a UK city break since centuries before the term “UK city break” was first coined. Today, Bath is one of the UK’s most treasured […]

How to choose the best dog friendly hotels

Chocolate labrador dog standing near outdoor swimming pool

The time has come to take your dog to a hotel. And not one of those euphemistically titled “dog hotels” that you’ve dumped them at before before you shoot away on holiday. Not this time. This time, you and your dog are going together. They are going to love it. Even more importantly, there is […]

Dog-friendly holidays in Norfolk

norfolk broads windmill

If you’re a dog owner, you know how important it is to have your furry companion by your side, even when you’re on holiday. But finding the perfect destination that caters to both you and your furry friend’s needs can be a challenge. Well, we’ve got great news for you! Norfolk is the perfect dog-friendly […]