With dog ownership on the rise in the UK, Brits are increasingly demanding dog-friendly options when it comes to dining and entertainment venues. Dog-lovers no longer want to have to choose between a day out and quality time with their loyal companion!

The great news is that businesses are increasingly responding to these calls for dog-friendly policies. Cafés and coffee shops are realising the mutual benefits that come from opening their doors to this growing customer base of dog-lovers, which means it’s now easier than ever to find a dog-friendly spot to enjoy a coffee or a bite to eat with your pooch!

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Why Visit Dog-Friendly Chain Cafés and Coffee Shops?

The best part about choosing a dog-friendly café is that you don’t need to spend a minute without your loyal companion by your side. What could be more relaxing than enjoying a café latte without the worry of your pooch pining for you at home?

The other perk of dog-friendly cafés is that they tend to attract dog owners. That’s not only great for your dog, as they’ll get to enjoy the benefits of socialising with other pups, but it also means you’ll get to meet other like-minded dog-lovers in your local area! Win-win.

Criteria for Dog-Friendly Cafés and Coffee Shops

When looking for a dog-friendly café or coffee shop, the first thing to check is whether the venue allows pets. While it’s illegal for any venue to turn away a service or assistant animal in the UK, there is no law that requires venues to welcome pet dogs.

Unfortunately, not all cafés allow dogs, or they may restrict access to specific parts of the venue, like outdoor seating areas only. A quick Google search is usually all it takes to find the information you need to know, or you can pick up the phone and call ahead to avoid disappointment.

Once you’ve established that a venue allows pet dogs, it’s a good idea to scope out the seating arrangement. Some larger or more timid dogs might prefer to sit outside rather than inside, where it tends to be noisier and more crowded.

You can also do some research through online forums and social media to scope out just how dog-friendly a café is. Some venues go above and beyond simply having a dog-friendly policy – look for cafés with designated seating areas, water bowls, and even treats and puppuccinos on the menu! As dog-friendliness becomes more mainstream for coffee shops, businesses need to work harder to attract dog-lovers by making their premises not just accessible but also comfortable and welcoming for pets. I think we can live with that!

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Dog Friendly Chain Cafés and Coffee Shops in the UK

Caffe Nero

While Caffe Nero doesn’t have an explicit dog-friendly policy available online, all the anecdotal evidence from happy customers suggests that this well-loved coffee chain does welcome dogs at most of its sites. Next time you’re after a taste of Italy, check in with your local store and bring along your pooch!


For many Brits, Pret A Manger is the go-to for a fast and satisfying coffee and sandwich stop. Their dog friendliness policy leaves it up to individual store manager’s discretion and suggests that only small dogs are welcome inside if the manager chooses to allow it. So be sure to check in with your local café before turning up with your pooch.

Boston Tea Party

Of course the UK’s ‘most ethical café’ is open to pooches! All Boston Tea Party locations are dog-friendly – just make sure your pooch stays off the furniture.

Harris & Hoole

While Harris & Hoole don’t have an explicit dog-friendly policy on their website, all the anecdotal evidence points to a welcoming environment for dogs. Their store location search also lets you know whether a store is dog friendly or not, so next time you’re looking for a speciality coffee and a bite to eat, try searching your local shop and look for the ‘Dog Friendly’ tick listed under ‘Facilities’.

Black Sheep Coffee

Good news for lovers of Black Sheep Coffee – this trendy, up and coming café chain loves dogs! A recent social media post states that all locations are dog-friendly, but you can double check by searching for locations tagged ‘dog friendly’ on their website.

Coffee #1

Coffee #1 recently made the switch to adopting a dog-friendly policy, opening up specially designated areas of select stores to pooches. This dog-loving chain will happily provide water, treats and even a puppuccino for your loyal companion! Just keep in mind that the policy doesn’t apply to city centre stores – more on that via their website.

Bird and Blend

Fans of Bird and Blend will know that they LOVE their pets and are proud supporters of Therapy Dogs Nationwide charity. But if you’re planning to visit this sustainable tea chain with your pooch, we’d recommend calling ahead first. There’s no official statement on dog-friendliness available online, so it’s worth checking whether your dog is welcome before you turn up to avoid disappointment.

a dog with a starbucks holiday cup

Does Starbucks UK allow dogs?

Starbucks UK allows well-behaved dogs in stores on a location-by-location basis, at the store manager’s discretion. Call ahead to check whether your local branch is happy for your dog to join you. Of course, service and assistance dogs are welcome at all stores, as per UK law.

Is Costa dog friendly?

Costa states that dogs are not welcome inside their stores, but that might be changing! Anecdotal evidence suggests some stores with outdoor areas are trialling allowing dogs, and they may even whip up a puppuccino for you if you ask nicely! Get in touch with your local branch to confirm their policy before turning up.

Dog lovers across the UK are rejoicing at the boom in dog-friendly venues we’re currently experiencing, and the best way we can make sure this welcome trend continues is, of course, to keep visiting them. If you’re planning a trip or trying to pin down your new go-to for a local caffeine fix, check out our dog-friendly city guides!

Lastly, keep in mind that it’s against the law for cafés and coffee shops in the UK to turn away Guide dogs or other registered assistance animals. The policies restricting access to dogs that we’ve discussed here can only ever apply to pets!

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