It’s no secret that the UK is a nation of beer-loving pubgoers, but if there’s one thing we love more than our pints, it’s our pets! Dog ownership is booming in the UK, and this growth is fuelling a growing trend for hospitality venues to embrace dog-friendly policies.

Dog-friendly pubs create an environment with mutual benefits. Not only do they ensure a positive experience for dogs and their owners, but evidence shows that dog-friendly pubs reap the rewards of increased business and happier customers. Win-win!

Can I bring my dog to a pub in the UK?

The short answer is, it depends. While UK pubs are increasingly adopting dog-friendly policies, UK law doesn’t stipulate that pubs have to allow entry to dogs. It’s up to each individual pub, so check online or call ahead before you turn up with your dog to avoid disappointment!

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What Makes a Pub Dog-Friendly?

The most obvious and essential criterion for a dog-friendly pub is a dog-friendly policy. This is usually listed online, or you can call ahead to check whether the venue welcomes pooches.

Some dog-friendly venues place restrictions on where and when dogs are welcome, such as only outdoors, or only during off-peak times. If your dog is on the larger or more boisterous side, you might also prefer to choose a pub that has an outdoor seating area and plenty of space.

As more and more pubs embrace dog-friendliness, venues are having to work harder to stand out from the pack! This is great news for dogs and their owners. While most dog-friendly premises will provide water bowls, some now go above and beyond with treats and even dedicated doggy menus with (alcohol free) doggy beer!

Benefits of Visiting Dog-Friendly Pubs

In great news for dogs and publicans across the UK, the wide-ranging benefits of dog-friendly pubs have well and truly been established. For dogs and their owners, the perks are obvious. Gone are the days when you’d have to choose between quality time with friends or Fido. Instead, you can relax at your favourite venue without excluding any key members of the family.

Plus, since dog-friendly pubs naturally tend to attract other dog-lovers, they create an environment that organically fosters socialising and community-building with like-minded people (and their pets) – which we all know is fantastic for our mental health!

But it’s not just dog-lovers who benefit. According to a recent survey of UK pub owners, those who embrace dog-friendly policies report “an improved overall atmosphere”. Welcoming dogs expands their customer base to include the huge and growing population of dog owners in the UK, and also ensures that these customers feel happier and more relaxed at the pub. Naturally, relaxed and happy customers who don’t have to rush home to check on their dog are going to spend more time (and money) at a venue!

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Dog-Friendly Chain Pubs in the UK

Greene King Pubs

It really doesn’t get any dog friendlier than Greene King Pubs! This mega pub chain has hundreds of dog-friendly pubs across the UK. And not only will they welcome your pup, but they’ll also greet you with water and treats at the ready! Search for your nearest dog-friendly Green King pub via their website.


Good news for the many who call their local Young’s pub their home away from home – this UK institution is very welcoming to dogs! While most of their locations are dog-friendly, there are some exceptions, so double check by searching for your local on the Young’s website using the ‘dog friendly’ filter.

The Anthologist Cocktail Bars

With locations in London and Manchester, this swank cocktail bar chain might be on the fancier end of venues, but why should that mean Fido gets excluded? According to happy customers, The Anthologist is more than happy to host you and your pooch.


With a name like BrewDog, you’d want to hope that dogs are welcome! Thankfully, this dog-loving pub chain well and truly lives up to its name. Dogs are welcome at all locations across the UK, and there’s even a dog menu for your pooch to select from. You can also book a custom ‘Dog Pawty’ to celebrate your pooch’s special day, complete with party hats and doggy sundaes… Could it get any cuter?

Butcombe Pubs

With a wide array of quintessential British pubs across the UK, Butcombe provides plenty of dog-friendly options. If you and your pooch are after a cosy pint with an authentic local feel, look no further. Search for your local on the Butcombe website, using the ‘dog-friendly’ filter.


While not strictly a pub, Lounges are well worth a mention! If you’re after more of a dinner-and-drinks situation, Lounges welcomes dogs at many of their locations, at the manager’s discretion. They do ask that your pooch is kept on a leash, with four paws firmly on the ground at all times (so no cuddles at the table!) You can check out Lounges’ Canine Code of Conduct on their website.

28-50 Wine Bars

28-50 is the perfect dog-friendly option if a glass of vino is more your speed. With several locations across London, you can check whether dogs are welcome on the booking page of your local venue. You’ll need to keep your dog on a leash and off the furniture.

Are dogs allowed in Wetherspoons?

In sad news for reasonably priced pint-loving dog owners, Wetherspoons pubs do not permit dogs to attend any of their venues across the UK. This includes outdoor seating areas, and even on-premise car parks. Of course, registered assistance and service dogs are welcome to join you, as per UK law.

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Tips for Visiting Dog-Friendly Pubs

The fact that many pubs are adopting dog-friendly policies is great news for animal lovers! But it’s still important to be a conscientious dog parent to ensure that you, your pooch, the pub staff and other clientele can all enjoy their time at the pub. Read on for our top tips to make your dog-friendly pub visit safe and relaxing for all.

Check online or call ahead

Many pubs have clear dog policies on their websites that sometimes provide important additional information about your dog’s visit. If you’re not sure about whether a venue is dog-friendly or not, it’s always a good idea to call ahead to avoid disappointment!

Consider lead etiquette

Even if your dog is well-behaved and used to roaming free, pubs can be busy and chaotic places, so it might be a good idea to keep them on a lead (leash) to avoid getting under anyone’s feet. If you do let your dog off-lead, make sure you’re not breaching the pub’s policy.

Stay off the furniture

Don’t let your dog place its paws on any tables and chairs – you may be fine with this at home, but the staff and other customers might not agree. Consider bringing a blanket or cushion from home if your dog is used to a little luxury.

BYO water

Many dog-friendly venues will happily provide water for your pooch, but since dehydration is a serious risk for dogs, it’s always better to be safe and bring your own bowl and water, especially in warmer months.

Bring entertainment

You might be having a great time chatting over your pint, but that’s less fun for Fido! Consider bringing a favourite toy or a long-lasting treat (just steer clear of anything with a pungent aroma) to keep your pet occupied through the night.

Be respectful of others

Your fellow pub-goers are out to have a good time, just like you, and the bartenders have a job to perform. While most people love being in the vicinity of a cute pooch, no one wants to be barked at or jumped on. Make sure your dog is quiet and respectful of others’ personal space.

Consider your dog’s temperament

For some dogs, being in a noisy, crowded environment and asked to sit still for hours is their worst nightmare! It may sound obvious, but it’s important to consider whether a pub experience is right for your dog, or if they’d be happier keeping the couch warm for you to return to. If you do choose to bring your pooch along, make an exit plan ahead of time for if you notice your pooch is showing signs of distress. You might also need to undertake some training to build up your pooch’s social skills before you make your dog-friendly pub debut.

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Dog Friendly Pub FAQs

Are there any restrictions on the size or breed of dogs allowed in dog-friendly pubs?

There is no blanket rule when it comes to size or breeds of dogs allowed in dog-friendly pubs. Most venues that adopt dog-friendly policies are happy for pups of all shapes and sizes to attend, although some do specify that only small dogs are allowed in indoor areas. When in doubt, call ahead to check.

Can I bring more than one dog to a dog-friendly pub?

Some dog-friendly pubs have a ‘one dog per customer’ rule. If you’re planning on bringing more than one dog along to a pub, check for a policy online or call ahead to check that it’s permitted. It’s also worth considering how crowded or busy the venue is likely to be, as a cramped space might be uncomfortable for your dogs.

How can I find dog-friendly pubs near my location?

The easiest way to find dog-friendly pubs in your local area is to talk to other dog lovers! You can do this by getting out and about in the community, but there’s also plenty of discussion on online forums and social media that you can access with a quick Google search.

Are dog-friendly pubs suitable for dogs with anxiety or fear of crowds?

Even the friendliest of dog-friendly pubs can be overwhelming for pups with social anxiety or a fear of crowds. Keep in mind that dog-friendly venues are likely to attract other dogs too. If your dream is to share a pint with your loyal companion, consider building up to a pub visit by working on social skills first.

Do dog-friendly pubs provide water bowls and treats for dogs?

With dog-friendliness on the rise in pubs across the UK, venues are increasingly going above and beyond to attract dog-loving clientele! Many venues now provide dog treats and some even have an entire doggy menu for your pup to peruse. While most venues do provide water bowls, it’s always a good idea to BYO ­– dehydration is never worth the risk.

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Pubs are a British icon for a reason – they’ve long represented a home away from home, a space where everyone is welcome and where a sense of community is solidified. And now, with pubs increasingly embracing dog-friendly policies, your loyal companion gets to be a part of the action!

With your choice of dog-friendly pubs expanding every day, you should have no trouble finding a local venue to suit you and your pooch’s needs. If you’re on the move and looking for a dog-friendly pub near you, check out our dog friendly city guides!

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