Believe it or not, there are no definitive laws in the UK stating that dogs are not allowed inside shops. In fact, our four-legged friends being excluded from the retail experience is purely customary: except for in some exceptional circumstances (for example, for reasons of health and safety), it is entirely up to a store manager’s discretion whether or not dogs are allowed inside stores.

The trouble with customary rules, of course, is that as the years and generations pass they can become more and more ingrained. Fortunately for dog owners (and dog lovers), an increasing number and variety of high street shops have nowadays started to break down these barriers and permit well-behaved pooches to see what we’ve been getting up to all this time.

A shaggy black dog sits in the middle of a store selling various clothing and gifts
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Which Shops Are Dog Friendly in the UK?

Many independent stores in the UK will already allow dogs to enter their premises, but what about high street chains? Well, the answer is that a surprising number already do. Do bear in mind, however, that our list is only a guide: some of these stores will not allow dogs due, for example, to an individual manager’s decision, or because they are located inside shopping centres with a no dogs policy.

Clothing/Jewellery/Health & Beauty

A nice boutique store is an ideal place for a dog to visit, unless your four-legged friend is the sort who likes to bark at themselves in the mirror. For the shop staff, being able to spend time talking to someone who is always cheerful and has no real interest in or need for any of the products they sell will probably also prove to be a welcome change.


Anthropologie won’t make your dog wait outside while you shop! Browse their lovely homeware, clothing, gifts, and more, with your dog by your side.


Some Clarks shops are dog friendly (please check ahead of visiting), and the Clarks Village outlet centre is dog friendly, too.

Fat Face

Fat Face are known for being dog friendly and also carry their own range of dog products, including beds, blankets, coats, collars, leads, harnesses, toys and more!


Unlike similar landmark department stores in the West End, Liberty is dog friendly, accepting well-behaved dogs of any size.


Lush is not only cruelty free, veggie and vegan friendly, offering a great range of bath and body products, but they are also dog friendly too.

Oliver Bonas

All branches of Oliver Bonas are dog friendly. And if you manage to snap your dog in store, make sure to share your pic with them as they may find themselve on the Oliver Bonas socials! Cute.


There’s no size restrictions for dogs at Burberry – as long as your dog is on a lead, they’re welcome!


Not only is Pandora dog friendly, but they also have a gorgeous range of pet accessories too; so cute.


The iconic department store Selfridges allows dogs as long as they are either held in a bag or carried, at all times.

TK Maxx

Some TK Maxx locations are dog friendly (small dogs being carried are preferred), and this is entirely at the manager’s discression, so make sure to check ahead of your visit to avoid disappointment.


Some Zara stores allow dogs, but this is entirely at the manager’s discretion.

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty loving dog owners rejoice – they are dog friendly. Bring your pooch along to peruse their range of activewear (and get fuss from the staff!)


Dogs are welcome at Fenwick, as long as they are ‘on a lead, under constant control and well behaved’. There are also some additional rules for escalators and areas where food is served and eaten

Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse are proudly dog friendly, and even have a special Dog Walking Day event.

White Stuff

Your dog will receive a warm welcome at White Stuff, and there’s also water bowls in case they are friendly.

Shoppers pass by a building with a black facade and the H_M logo in red
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Home & Garden/Arts & Crafts


Dogs are allowed to visit Dobbies garden centre and there’s always water for them in case they are thirsty, however, according to their dog friendly policyDogs are not allowed in any trolley and must be kept on a lead at all times.’

Flying Tiger

Not only are Flying Tiger dog friendly, but they have a great range of pet products for you to choose from, including toys, water bowls, coats and seasonal outfits and accessories.


Dogs are welcome inside of H&M stores as long as they are well-behaved and on a lead. However, depending on the location and management team there may be additional rules, so we would recommend checking with the specific store management before your visit.


Hobbycraft have a mixed dogs policy – according to their website; ‘Guide dogs will always be permitted access to our stores however we may on occasions refuse entry to other dogs if we’re accommodating customers with allergies.’ so we’d recommend checking before you enter the store.


If you’re looking for a homeware bargain, Homesense is one of the places to go – and sometimes your dog will be welcome, too. At Homesense, small dogs being carried are preferred, but this is always at the manager’s discretion, so make sure to check first.

The Range

The entry of dogs at The Range stores varies by store, so we recommend that you check with the manager of your local store to avoid disappointment.

Dogs have been a fixture in garden centres for years, so it is nice that shops for the home also cater to our furry friends. Dogs are bound to have a great time looking around any of these stores, although they will have to get used to the fact they might not be the most interesting thing to look at when they are in Flying Tiger.

The facade of the Apple store in London, a grand, old sandstone building, with the Apple logo displayed in each arched window
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Apple Store

Well-behaved dogs are welcome in Apple Stores, but if the store is located inside a shopping centre, you will have to comply with the centre’s own rules.

That’s great news for those who’s stores are inside pet-friendly malls such as Silverburn in Glasgow, where there’s an Apple store, but less great news if your local Apple store is in a mall that isn’t dog friendly, like Churchill Square in Brighton.


At CEX, pets are welcome in select stores, and there’s a handy list they’ve created themselves for dog friendly CEX locations. Of course, your dog will need to be kept on a lead, and be well-behaved, and you’ll also be expected to clean up after them.


Dog acceptance at Curry’s seems to be very mixed; certain stores will accept at the manager’s discretion, but we always recommend checking ahead of your visit to avoid disappointment.


Most HMV stores are dog friendly, but some in shopping centres that only allow guide and assistance dogs will have to comply with those rules. HMVs in dog friendly shopping malls include Grosvenor Shopping Northampton, and a tip for those in Oxford – although dogs aren’t allowed in the Clarendon Centre, they do have another entrance on Cornmarket Street where you can take your dog into HMV through!

John Lewis

In 2019 John Lewis lifted their non-assistance dogs ban, and now all stores welcome well-behaved dogs on leads. Wonderful news!


Like many of the chains featured, dog friendliness at Waterstones varies by store as some are more dog friendly than others. We’d recommend checking with the branch you wish to visit, first.

Buying big ticket consumer durables is as excited as many people ever get, so your dog may seem like the calmer one in the partnership whenever you take them for a visit to the Apple Store or Curry’s. Meanwhile Waterstones, who like to provide comfortable areas for customers to take their time to browse their stores, should perhaps look into having a selection of dog beds to hand.

A white and brown dog lays on the steps outside a shop in England
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Can I take my dog into B&M?

Things here are a little bit unclear. While the general store policy seems to allow dogs to enter B&M stores provided they are kept on a lead and do not enter any areas that are responsible for food production or retail, there are horror stories about people being asked to leave or even barred from B&M stores for doing so. 

If you are able to ask the manager of the store in question then you will be able to find out for sure but failing that, it may be easier and safer to leave your pooch at home. It’s an unfortunate clash with B&M’s pro-pet advertising and large ranges of toys and food.

Can I take my dog into Home Bargains?

The policy here is, at least, much more clear. The only dogs permitted inside Home Bargains stores are assistance dogs, unfortunately. At least your pooch will be able to point out the things they want from the store on their website.

Can I take my dog into Marks and Spencer?

Sadly, dogs are not allowed in any Marks and Spencers stores, even the ones that deal only with clothing and homewares and have no food hall or cafe. However, this does not apply to assistance dogs, who are legally entitled to go anywhere their person can.

Does IKEA allow dogs?

No, IKEA does not allow dogs here in the UK.

IKEA’s dog policy makes you harken after the good old days, when Marks and Spencer told you “no” and that was that. It is a morass of contradictory information which, unsurprisingly, results in inconsistent application of the rules (such as they are).

Basically, it boils down to where you live and then individual store managers’ policies. In some countries, IKEA welcomes pets with open arms, excluding them only from the restaurant and food production areas. In others, they are almost completely blacklisted (with the obvious exception of assistance dogs).

In the UK, the generally accepted rule of thumb is that dogs are NOT permitted in IKEA stores. However, the chain has begun to introduce Dog Bays at some stores. These are essentially outdoor tethering points with artificial grass and water bowls, so that customers will not have to leave their dogs waiting in their cars. Given that responsible dog owners would never dream of doing this anyway, it’s a pretty unconvincing compromise.

Quite what your furry friend will make of being driven all the way to IKEA only to have to stand outside for hours on a rectangle of astroturf, you will have to judge for yourself.

Can I take my dog into B&Q?

Unfortunately at present, the only dogs allowed in B&Q are Assistance Dogs and Guide Dogs.

Can I take my dog into The Range?

Some The Range locations allow dogs; we recommend that you check with the manager of your local store before taking your dog to The Range to avoid disappointment.

Our local store allows small dogs which can be carried, but this does vary by store.

For locations where dogs are are allowed, The Range team asks that you:

Are dogs allowed in Primark?

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed in Primark unless they are Assistance Dogs.

Can I take my dog into Next?

Despite stocking some really lovely dog accessories, Next does not accept dogs, unless they are assistance dogs.

Are dogs allowed into supermarkets in the UK?

A nice, simple answer: no. All of the major supermarkets in the UK operate a ‘no dogs except assistance dogs’ policy. 

However, there are an increasing number of independently-owned supermarkets popping up around the country, often with pronounced ethical, environmental or community-minded mission statements, and many of these do. Perhaps unsurprisingly, dogs seem to love going in these. They’re probably excited to find out where we’ve been getting all those bags of food from for all those years.

Are dogs allowed in UK shopping centres?

There is no law to prevent dogs from entering UK shopping centres, however, it will depend on the specific shopping centre itself. The centre will display signs as to which dogs may enter; more often than not this is just for assistance dogs, including guide dogs and hearing dogs. We’ve got a guide to dog friendly shopping centres in the UK if you want to know more.

How do I find dog friendly shops near me?

Research is the best way! We have some lists in this article, otherwise if you’re looking on Google Maps, businesses can add whether they are dog friendly or not to their Google Business Page. Of course, this is voluntary work on the business’s side, and it’s always worth asking the shops themselves, or checking the shop for any signs to welcome or deter dogs!

Aside from our lists above, you may be lucky enough to live near a dog friendly shopping centre, or a place where we have a dog friendly city guide.

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