Pet birds are increasingly common in the UK: during the Covid pandemic the number of feathered friends in our homes tripled to over 1.5 million, meaning they are now the country’s fourth most popular pet behind dogs, cats and rabbits.

White and blue budgie Bird Perched on Cage

Gifts for Pet Birds

Toys for Birds

One of the main challenges with choosing a toy for a pet bird is their intelligence. A good bird toy will help them to keep their brains sharp while also providing an outlet for their other deeply-ingrained natural behaviours, such as social grooming, preening and chewing. For our selections we’ve tried to keep things bright, colourful and hard-wearing.

Jaws Ball Rubber Foraging Toy

A terrifying-looking rubber ball lined with teeth, so you can wedge treats inside for your parrot to find. Strong, durable and chewable.

Jail Break Foraging Toy

An elaborate hanging cage made up of brightly-coloured wooden bars, ideal for medium and large-sized birds. Your feathery friend will spend hours chewing, pecking and investigating this toy to find where you have hidden their treat.

The Beakwhich

This ingenious hanging toy is made from palm leaf wafers and stuffed with crinkled paper and seagrass, which your bird can use to fulfil their desire to groom and preen. The fun doesn’t stop there, with leather cords and colourful wooden blocks to chew on and even a bell to ring.

Foraging Fun Box

Ideal for pet birds of all sizes, the foraging fun box has natural cord and wood to chew on as well as a box stuffed full of crinkled paper to preen. There is also ample opportunity to hide treats inside.

The Beakasaurus

This is not only a very expensive and extravagant toy but also one really only suitable for larger birds, and one which needs to be imported from the United States. Nevertheless, we couldn’t leave it out. First of all, there’s the name “Beakasaurus”. And secondly, just look at the thing. A mighty block of colourful wood and chains. As one happy customer put it in their review, their parrot “loves to destroy it”. 

Yellow and Blue Birds Inside A Cage

Treats for Birds

Cuttlefish bones

They’re a classic for a reason. Birds love to peck, chew and scrape at cuttlefish bones and the bones themselves are full of vital nutrients which are essential for your bird’s good health. Regardless of the size or species of your bird, cuttlefish bones are a sure winner.

Edible Calcium Perch

Along similar lines but even more entertaining and perilous, as your pet slowly gnaws away at the very perch beneath their feet. Comes in a variety of sizes to suit your bird.

Naturals Pick ‘n’ Fly

An assortment of mixed cereal cobs, grasses and seeds, which mimic the food your bird would find in the wild.

Chia & Sweet Potato Bird Greens

A mixture of natural vegetables, herbs and greens that can be mixed in with your bird’s normal food to ensure they are getting a tasty, healthy and varied diet.


The Christmas season is a great time to be a parrot, because one of their favourite foods suddenly appears on every supermarket shelf around the UK. A whole walnut in a shell is a real treat.

Green Parrot Bird

Bird Accessories

Lixit Splash Giant Bird Bath

If your bird is on the larger side, why not treat them to a new bathroom with this roomy bird bath? Your parrot will be able to keep themselves in tip-top condition with this heavy-duty plastic bath designed to fit in any cage.

Cosy Corner Fleece Blanket

If you’ve begun to feel the cold this winter, imagine much worse it must be for your pet bird! However, this cage-mounted fleece blanket – available in a variety of sizes – will be just the thing to help provide your feathery friend with warmth and comfort during the winter months.

Mimic Me Voice Recorder

Birds love to listen and make sounds, and the Mimic Me voice recorder is a great way for your bird to be able to hear your voice at the touch of a button. However, we can take no responsibility for what your bird may learn how to say as a consequence!

Nature First Pine Cone Surprise

Your bird will love investigating this bizarre hanging item. Made from all-natural materials, it can safely peck, chew and climb to its heart’s content. It may even be able to find the concealed pine cone – and any treats it contains – at the centre of the toy.

Selective Focus Photo of a Caged Orange and Yellow Baby Parrot Perched

Gift for Pet Bird Owners

Create Your Own Parrot on a Perch

A paper-folding activity for all ages that will produce a characterful model of a parrot for your home. The kit is completely self-contained and requires no additional materials. The only risk is if your parrot sees it and gets jealous, I suppose.

Budgie To-Do List Throw Pillow

A must for any small-bird lover’s settee or bed, this fun cushion will allow the budgie lover in your life to tag their own pet’s quirks and foibles.

Lego Budgie

From the Lego Brickheads range, this colourful and timelessly fun Lego kit allows you to make two budgerigars, their perch and the bottom of their birdcage. Lego also make a similarly charming and fun Lovebird set, ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Pet Portrait

Pet portraits are a favourite recommendation of our’s, and with good reason: there are few more personal and distinctive gifts that you can give an animal lover.

Pelican Wooden Automata

Finally, this fun wooden craft kit by Timberkits is a great craft project and – when completed – a great conversation piece in your home. Turn the handle and watch your big-beaked pal snaffle up a fish dinner over and over again.