How to Keep Your Garden Dog Friendly

Cute Labrador Dog Sitting in a Garden

Every dog loves a garden to frolic in, but some gardens are much better suited to pooches than others. Whether you’re revamping your space, introducing your dog to a new garden or preparing to bring a new pup into your home, planning a dog-friendly space keeps your dog safe and well and ensures your garden […]

Navigating Public Transport with a Dog

a dog standing by a red london bus

In an ideal world, dog lovers would be free to bring their pooches with them wherever they go. But running an errand or taking a trip with your pup is not always straightforward, particularly if you don’t have a car, can’t drive or prefer to avoid the hassle of navigating traffic and parking. From navigating […]

Dog Friendly Southampton

Southampton at night

Southampton, a vibrant city known for its rich history and bustling modern life, is also a haven for dog lovers and their furry companions. Many activities, spaces, and services cater to the needs of dogs and their owners. From scenic parks and green spaces to welcoming pubs and shopping centres, this city ensures that your […]

Dog Breeds for Older People

older couple walking a dog in woods

It’s no secret that dogs make our lives better. Whether they’re getting us out for a dose of fresh air, reminding us to slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, or simply being their goofy, lovable selves, there’s a reason they’re known as ‘(wo)man’s best friend’. The benefits of pet companionship are particularly strong for […]

Dog Breeds for Families with Children

Happy multiracial family having fun together in bed with their little dog

What could be more joyous than introducing a dog to your household? As any parent who’s heard the words ‘Can we get a dog?’ knows, there are a million and one reasons why having a dog can make life better. They’re a loving friend to cuddle at the end of each day, an excuse to […]

How to Find Dog Friendly Places to Visit

Dog in Harness Lying on the Beach

Whether you’re going shopping, planning a day at the beach, going to the pub or out for a meal, the dog-friendliness of our social lives has never been more important. The pandemic has had a significant effect on our relationship with our four-legged best friends.  Research by Statista shows that dog ownership jumped by more […]

Animal Sounds in Different Languages & Around the World

green frog

What sound does a dog make? How about a cat, a horse or a frog? Well, it turns out the answer depends on who you ask – and what language they speak. At first glance, this global variation seems a little strange. Surely a frog makes the same sound in England as it does in […]

Flying with a Dog

happy dog sitting on plane

Pet-friendly travel has never been more in demand. If you’re a loving pet parent who’s planning a trip or relocating, no doubt you’re looking for ways to bring your dog with you. But while flying has never been easier or more routine for us humans, the same is unfortunately not yet true for dogs, especially […]

Dog Friendly Bournemouth

people on bournemouth sandy beach

Tucked along the scenic shores of the English Channel, Bournemouth is more than a mere beach retreat for summer sun seekers. This lively coastal town and its surroundings have earned acclaim as a haven for dogs and their dedicated owners. Our guide will help you discover parks, beaches, and dining spots where your dogs are […]

Should I Hire a Dog Walker?

woman walking dogs on leads in countryside

​​Are you considering hiring a dog walker? Maybe you’re time-poor and struggling to get your dog outside, or perhaps you’re dealing with mobility challenges. If you’re worried about how much exercise your fur baby is getting, hiring professional help can be a great solution. This guide will help you decide whether hiring a dog walker […]